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Tyre Puncture Assistance for Car and Bike

Flat Tyre Assistance Services in Bangalore from AAIR Services

Imagine a situation when you are going out on a long drive with your friends or family and get stuck somewhere in Bangalore with a flat tyre. Getting your car or bike tyre punctured in the mid of your journey is quite annoying and stressful and in such a dire situation, roadside flat tyre assistance is the only viable option that can rescue you from this problem. Online roadside flat tyre assistance service in Bangalore is a service provided to motorists who experience a flat tyre while driving on the roads of Bangalore.

This service aims to assist drivers in addressing their flat tyre situation promptly and safely, minimizing inconvenience and ensuring a smooth continuation of their journey. If you are looking for roadside flat tyre assistance service in Bangalore, then simply install the app of Aair Services that will allow you to seek quick assistance in case of a flat tyre. We at Aair Services are a pioneer in introducing on-spot roadside assistance through mobile applications. Motorists are sure to have the best experience, as we have a highly adept team of technicians who are efficient in handling these services with utmost competence and care.  

Aair Services Hold Competency in Handling Diverse Tyre Puncture Repair Methods

There are several types of car and two wheeler tyre puncture repair methods, each suited for different types and sizes of punctures. Here are some common tyre puncture repair methods through which we repair your car:

Combination Repair or Patch and Plug

In this tyre repair method, a patch is inserted into the inner lining of the tyre to seal the puncture and a plug is used to fill the hole from the outside. The patch provides a long-lasting seal, while the plug reinforces the repair and prevents air leakage.

Patch Repair

Patch repair involves applying a specialized adhesive patch on the inner lining of the tyre to seal the puncture. The patch creates an airtight seal, effectively repairing the tyre.

Plug Repair

Plug repair involves inserting a plug directly into the punctured area from the outside. The plug seals the hole, preventing air from escaping. However, this method is generally considered a temporary fix and may not provide a permanent solution.

Tyre Sealant

Tyre sealants are liquid solutions that can be injected into the tyre through the valve stem. When a puncture occurs, the sealant is forced into the hole and forms a temporary seal. The sealant typically works well for small punctures caused by nails or screws.

Patch-Only Repair

In cases where the puncture is located in the tread area and is small in size, a patch-only repair may be performed. This method involves applying a patch to the inner lining of the tyre without using a plug. It provides reliable and durable repair.

It’s important to note that not all tyre punctures can be repaired. Factors such as the size, location, and extent of damage to the tyre may determine whether a repair is feasible or if tyre replacement is necessary. Additionally, you are recommended to have your tyre repaired by our professional technician who first assesses the damage and then chooses the most appropriate repair method based on industry guidelines and safety standards.

Benefits of Tyre Puncture Roadside Assistance in Bangalore

Our trustworthy and reliable online car and bike tyre puncture roadside assistance services offer several benefits to motorists who experience a flat tyre while on the road. Here are some key advantages of having our online tyre puncture roadside assistance in Bangalore:


Tyre puncture roadside assistance provides convenience by offering on-the-spot assistance when a flat tire occurs. Instead of having to struggle with changing the tire or finding a nearby repair shop, professional technicians will come to your location and handle the repair or replacement for you.


Our roadside assistance service will save you valuable time. Rather than spending time trying to fix the puncture yourself or waiting for a tow truck to take your vehicle to a repair shop, roadside assistance ensures prompt assistance at the site of the flat tire. This allows you to resume your journey quickly without significant delays.

Expertise and Professionalism

We have a highly trained and experienced team of technicians to provide you with roadside assistance services. Our technicians possess the necessary knowledge, tools, and experience and hold great specialization in efficiently repairing or replacing the punctured tyre. They hold mastery in safely and correctly executing the job.


Dealing with a flat tire on the roadside can be hazardous, especially in busy traffic or unfamiliar areas. Roadside assistance provides a safer option, as our professionals handle the tyre repair or replacement in a controlled and secure manner, thereby minimizing risks to your personal safety.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have tyre puncture roadside assistance coverage gives you absolute peace of mind while driving. You will be aware that help is just a phone call away and you don’t have to worry about being stranded on the side of the road with a flat tyre.

Additional Services

We at Aair Services just not provide roadside assistance and our services extend beyond just flat tire assistance. We also offer services such as battery jump-starts, lockout assistance, and towing, providing you comprehensive support in various roadside emergencies.

Overall, our tyre puncture roadside assistance services offer convenience, time-saving benefits, professional expertise, safety, peace of mind, and potential cost savings. It ensures that you can quickly and efficiently handle flat tyre situations, allowing you to continue your journey with minimal disruptions.

Noteworthy Factors That Make Us Stand Out for Roadside Puncture Repair in Bangalore

When hiring a roadside puncture repair service for your car or bike you certainly consider a few key factors in mind to ensure you receive reliable and efficient assistance. A majority of motorists while moving on the road in Bangalore greatly rely on our reliable tyre repair roadside assistance service because of the following reasons:

Reputation and Reliability

Aair Services holds a good reputation among motorists in Bangalore and maintain a healthy and positive track record for reliable and prompt roadside assistance in the city. Our customers are always happy and contended with our assistance and it is the trust and faith of our customers that have made us a preferred choice of motorists in Bangalore.

Availability and Response Time

We, at Aair Services, are known for quick and immediate response time. Our experienced technicians are pioneers in offering roadside assistance in case of a flat tyre within 40 minutes. Our mechanics will immediately reach your location along with the sanitized equipment and get the flat tyre repaired within no time.

Service Coverage Area

We are making every effort to serve our customers with roadside assistance service in a wide network of areas in Bangalore. We make sure that we provide flat tyre roadside assistance service to customers in the majority of the areas of Bangalore, so that our customers don’t have to be stranded on the road for a long time. 

Professionalism and Expertise

Our team of trained and experienced technicians has great expertise in roadside puncture repair. They have the necessary skills and knowledge to efficiently handle flat tyre repairs or replacements. Our technicians execute the task with utmost professionalism employing proper tools and techniques indicating that they hold mastery in this service.

Pricing and Coverage

We have a very fair and transparent pricing structure for our roadside puncture repair service. Our prices are extremely competitive and affordable compared to the prices of other roadside assistance providers. We ensure our customers get the best value for their money.

Services We Offer

We are known for offering a range of services from flat tires, including repairs, replacements, and spare tire installations to providing additional services like battery jump-starts, which can be useful in other roadside emergencies.

Customer Support

We, at Aair Services, are proactive in serving our customers with quick and hassle-free roadside flat tyre assistance help. Our responsive and helpful customer support system will surely enhance your overall experience.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when hiring a roadside puncture repair service, ensuring that you receive reliable, efficient, and convenient assistance during flat tire situations.

Our Work Process

A flat tyre can be caused due to innumerable reasons, from piercing of nails or sharp objects to valve pin issues to valve neck issues to rim bend and even due to long halts. Tyre puncture can happen at any moment and even at the moment when you least expect it. Thus to provide hassle-free roadside puncture assistance service anywhere in Bangalore, we are readily available anytime. You can easily book the type of roadside assistance service you want through our application and switch on your GPS location. We assure you to assign a mechanic who will reach to your destination within 30-40 minutes to provide first-class service at a minimal price.

  • Book our roadside assistance service through our app.
  • Our skilled technicians will reach you within 40 minutes along with the necessary equipment.
  • Once the technician reached your location, the tyre will be analysed for the damaged spot.
  • Our technicians will fix the puncture or any other issues.
  • After fixing the puncture the tyre will be re-examined for air pressure and fitting.

Why Call Us To Fix Your Flat Tyre in Bangalore?

A flat tyre or puncture repair service is one of the most essential roadside assistance services that are needed by almost everyone at some or the other point. With the mission to help the people of Bangalore from this problem, we at Aair Services have come out with the most reliable and trusted roadside flat tyre assistance services at the best and most competitive prices. We aim to serve all our customers with our valuable services and provide them with a better experience while travelling on Bangalore roads. Some of the valid reasons that have made us a preferred roadside assistance service provider include: 

  • Our reliable technicians are quickly available anytime between working hours from 6AM to 12 AM
  • Provide on-the-spot assistance, hence you don’t have to push your vehicle anywhere for assistance.
  • Our technicians also provide special tips and instructions to customers on how to safeguard tyres.
  • Accept all kinds of online payments.
  • Keep physical contact at its minimal.
  • Affordable roadside assistance service.

How Do We Do It?

Our skilled technicians will reach the spot, along with all the necessary pieces of equipment.

Once the technician is at the location, the tyre will be analysed for the damaged spot.

We then fix the puncture or any other issues. As it could be the valve neck which has caused the flat tyre.

After the puncture is fixed, the tyre will be reexamined for air pressure and fitting.

Our Tyre Puncture Roadside Assistance Service Package Plans



1 YEAR VALIDITY (5 Services Free)

Kindly Note:

  • We recommend to air fill the tyres to the desired pressure level from an Air-fill station having a compressor after our service.
  • The puncture repair may not be possible if the tyre or tube is largely damaged.

FAQs on Doorstep Puncture Repair in Bangalore 

What to do if, in the middle of your journey, your vehicle tyre gets punctured?

If you get stuck in the middle of the road with a punctured tyre of your car or bike, then you should immediately seek our roadside assistance service. Our trained and experienced mechanics will reach you within thirty minutes and the puncture will be repaired within no time. At Aair, we are fast, convenient, and reliable in helping you out when you get stuck with a flat tyre. 

Is puncture repair included in your roadside assistance package?

Yes, puncture repair is included in our roadside assistance package along with other valuable services. We firmly believe that puncture service is one of the most essential parts of roadside automobile assistance services, so we offer customers some best in-market subscription plans and prices to help them fix these grave issues within no time.

Is it possible to repair a punctured tyre?

Until and unless the tyre or tubes are largely damaged, it is possible to repair a punctured tyre. Tyre can be punctured because of nails or sharp objects piercing it, valve pin issues, valve neck problems, rim bend problems, and even due to long halts. Vehicle tyre can be punctured due to any of these reasons and they can be repaired with the help of experienced mechanics.

How quickly repair service can be availed?

At Aair Services, we have a network of highly efficient and adept technicians who are proficient in repairing both tube and tubeless tyres of cars and bikes with great care and competence. Having a team of inhouse trained technicians, we will reach your destination within 30 -40 minutes along with the equipment to repair your vehicle in no time.

Do you handle all types of car and bike puncture repairs?

Yes, we can repair all types of car and bike punctures and the puncture repair is not possible only if the tyre or tube is largely damaged.

Can you assist with changing a spare tyre or stepney?

Yes, we can help you change a punctured tyre with a spare tyre or stepney.  

Can you assist in tube replacement if my tube can’t be repaired?

Yes, we can assist you in replacing the tube if it is damaged beyond repair.

Is it possible to change the tyre on your own?

Yes, you can change a tire on your own. However, you will require basic knowledge and the right tools to ensure a safe and successful tyre change. In case you are uncertain or uncomfortable with the process, it’s always recommended to seek assistance from a professional or a roadside assistance service provider like Aair Services.

Is it possible to drive a car whose tyre is punctured?

Yes, it is possible to drive a car with a punctured tire, but it is not recommended. Driving with a punctured tire can be dangerous and can further damage the tire, rim, and even other parts of the vehicle. It is important to address a punctured tire as soon as possible to ensure your safety on the road. On noticing a puncture in tyre, you should immediately seek the assistance of professionals.

How can you tell that your tyre is punctured?

You can check the tire for any visible signs of damage such as nails, screws, or other objects embedded in the tire tread. You can even look for any cuts, bulges, or sidewall damage. A gradual or sudden loss of air pressure in the tyre is also a sign of a puncture. If you suspect that your tyre is punctured, you should immediately seek roadside puncture assistance.

Are tyres considered safe to use after puncture repair?

Tyres are considered safe to use after puncture repair provided the tyres are properly repaired by trained professionals using industry-standard guidelines. Thus, you are advised to seek puncture repair services from an expert like Aair Services, who adheres to the tyre manufacturers’ guidelines and assesses the viability and safety of the repaired tyre to ensure your safety on the road.

How much a tyre lasts after undergoing a puncture repair?

The longevity of a tyre after puncture repair depends on various factors, including the type and extent of the repair, the quality of the repair work, the tire’s overall condition, and how well it is maintained. A punctured tyre’s lifespan will vary based on usage patterns, road conditions, driving habits, and other factors. There is no specific time frame for how long a tyre will last after a puncture repair. Regular monitoring and maintenance are essential to ensuring the ongoing safety and performance of the tyre.

Does tyre life get affected due to puncture?

Generally, tyre’s life does not get affected due to puncture. Especially, a single puncture and subsequent repair do not significantly affect the overall lifespan of a tyre. While a puncture repair itself may not significantly impact the tyre’s lifespan, it’s crucial to monitor the tyre’s condition, perform regular inspections, and replace it when necessary for optimal safety and performance. Consulting with a professional tyre technician like Aair Services provides further guidance based on the specific condition of your tire

Do I need to replace the tubeless tyre after the puncture?

Not necessarily. In many cases, tubeless tyres can be repaired after a puncture without needing to be replaced. Tubeless tyres are designed to seal small punctures on their own through the use of a sealant inside the tyre. The sealant helps to plug the hole and prevent air from escaping. If the puncture is small less than a quarter-inch in diameter and located within the tread area, it can be typically repaired and if the tyre has suffered extensive damage or has sidewall punctures, it may not be repairable and may need to be replaced.