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Category: Repair

How to prolong the life of your vehicle battery ?

Who hasn’t been plagued by issues caused by Car batteries? It is a part & parcel of owning a two or a four-wheeler. If there was a life beyond the grave, battery issues would even follow you into the afterlife. Batteries dying out is a natural

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The Boom in the Roadside Assistance Industry

From pushing our punctured vehicles in the middle of the road to a repair shop miles away to receiving immediate roadside assistance for bikes & cars when it comes to puncture assistance, car battery jump services, etc we’ve come a long way. Roadside assistance has just

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Where does India stand in the Global EV Market

“Men are creatures of habit”.  We are afraid of change and anything to do with change. We like staying well within our comfort zone but the need for e-mobility and sustainable methods of living has encouraged this change and people have started to embrace the change.

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Top 10 Roadside Assistance Companies in India

“…the wise men learn from others’ mistakes…”                                                              – Otto von Bismarck Well, even great minds like Otto von Bismarck agree that one must not experience a car breakage to understand the importance of Roadside Automobile Assistance. A brief understanding of what a Roadside Automobile Assistance company

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What to Do When Your Car Battery Dies?

“Jumpstart – Revive Your Car Battery It isn’t a surprise if your car suffers to start in the morning during cold winter and/or when you haven’t started it for a long time. The battery can freeze and might not start even after several attempts. So, what

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