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The Boom in the Roadside Assistance Industry

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From pushing our punctured vehicles in the middle of the road to a repair shop miles away to receiving immediate roadside assistance for bikes & cars when it comes to puncture assistance, car battery jump services, etc we’ve come a long way. Roadside assistance has just made life much simpler for anyone stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre or a dead battery. In fast-moving metropolitan cities, one can’t even fathom the impact this industry has on its citizens. 


The growth of this industry can be attributed to the increased production and delivery of vehicles. The need for skilled technicians who can solve minor vehicular issues in a time-sensitive manner is dire. This industry employs a number of qualified and skilled technicians who are equipped at handling minor electrical repairs, puncture assistance, emergency car towing service, and roadside car assistance


An increase in per capita income, and digitization is other contributing factors to the growth of this industry. Digitization allows service providers to be at the forefront and provide assistance to people in need with just a click. Apps, websites, and subscription plans will enable this industry to flourish. The availability of puncture repairs online seems like a dream come true for the many that spend all their time in commute, to the office and back. 


The easy and ready availability of roadside assistance services also works in favor of this industry as no one now wants to push their vehicles to a nearby repair shop when they can receive the same level of service at a nominal price. The response time also plays a huge role in converting the general population into clients. Online puncture services pride themselves on their response time which can be attributed to the infrastructure of metropolitan cities. The time taken from contacting a roadside service provider to their arrival is very minimal. Decreased response time is a key factor driving business to this industry. 

Lack of infrastructure can be detrimental to the growth of this industry as the players in this industry solely depend on good road infrastructure to get to the destination in minimal to no time. Since this industry is comfortably advancing today at an astounding rate, it is time for this industry to expand its network coverage to the outskirts of a city and slightly inaccessible areas of the metropolitan as those are the areas with the lack of roadside assistance for bikes and cars. These are the areas that would greatly benefit from the assistance of this industry.

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