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Top 10 Roadside Assistance Companies in India

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“…the wise men learn from others’ mistakes…”

                                                             – Otto von Bismarck

Well, even great minds like Otto von Bismarck agree that one must not experience a car breakage to understand the importance of Roadside Automobile Assistance.

A brief understanding of what a Roadside Automobile Assistance company can offer will help you drive along with the right reinforcements. 

Let’s understand how these companies can practically help you. 

What is Roadside Automobile Assistance (RAA)?

Whenever you are stuck with a flat tyre or a dead car battery, the first thing you can do is call one of your friends or family to assist you. However, it doesn’t help often as they cannot reach your spot, all the time. 

This is where the Roadside Automobile Assistance companies come into the picture, they offer on-the-spot assistance which can save your energy and time that is otherwise consumed while pushing your vehicle to the nearest garage.

Below you will come across the Top 10 Car and Motorbike Roadside Assistance companies, in India. 

Allianz Roadside Assistance India

As healthy as a horse! – Well… this does not apply to your vehicles. Because someday or the other, you are bound to be stuck with a broken vehicle, strangled on a highway.   

Well, Allianz Roadside assistance, which started in Haryana offers on-site repair services like a key lockout, empty tank, or dead battery, they provide comprehensive coverage, including services like towing, hotel accommodation, onward journey benefit via rail/road/air, medical coordination, and urgent relay of messages.

They also have a PAN India presence and a coverage area spanning all across the national highways, state highways, hilly terrains, and over 1100+ cities in India, which makes their roadside assistance literally just a call away.


If you think that you cannot get your flat tyre repaired during the fresh morning hours, in Bengaluru, then think again!

While the local garage opens its shutter by 10 AM, we have AAIR Services, that is geared up within minutes after their first request. By 10 AM AAIR executives would be in the middle of assisting at least 5 punctures by then. 

This start-up from Bangalore has to be your first choice- when you need roadside assistance during peak hours, as they work from 8AM-12AM, every day.   

AAIR SERVICES has revolutionized the field of roadside assistance, with its surprisingly low-cost service on Tyre Puncture Repair and Jump star. They will reach the service spot within 30-40 minutes. 

You can book their services through their mobile application. 

The best part is, that there are no hidden charges on their subscription or service change.  

AAIR will be launching their Doorstep Car wash shortly.


Out of practice we always feel that we have taken off the keys from inside and lock the doors of the car. But every day isn’t Sunday, don’t you agree?

So, the next time, you get yourself locked in the car, forget the keys inside the car or even lose the keys then the helping buddy can be AUTO I CARE.

AUTO I CARE provides roadside assistance for common issues like tyre replacement, jump-start, low fuel, unlocking the vehicle, and other major repairs along with towing services to a local garage.

When requested for support, the app will provide real-time tracking of the inbound support vehicle – similar to popular ride-hailing apps –automated SMS status updates, and tow driver contact information. They provide services at a reasonable cost, within a time frame of 20 to 30 minutes.

Currently, they have a presence in 998 cities across India and cover nearly 2, 28,000 km of national and state highways and rural roads.

Cross Roads

If you need ONE STOP SOLUTION that caters to all that you need for your vehicle, then Crossroads is the one!

With their wide range of dependable and quality services for emergency roadside assistance, flat beds, tow trucks, and garage repairs they are growing immensely around India. 

When you book their service, their mobile application will automatically pick up the breakdown location and you can observe the real-time whereabouts of the mechanic. They claim to complete 89% of services within and below 30 minutes. Their dedicated service team will assign you a mechanic within no time as they are available 24/7 to assist you with any kind of car.

If you buy their On Wheel Service- you can enjoy vehicle service at home. Their application is available for IOS and android.  


If you need fast, courteous, and inexpensive towing services in Bangalore, then GaadiAssist is available 24/7. It is believed that they arrive at the destination within 30-40 minutes. Other than towing – they specialize in Puncher Repair, Battery Jumpstart, on-spot Minor Repair, Fuel Delivery, Key lock assistance, and General Service. 

The company can be contacted on their phone number, as they are available 24 hours. 

They are not just roadside assistance providers but also run garages for major car and bike repairs. 

This particular company has been rated 4.4 by NiceLocal users. 

Get Rescue 

Get Rescue started in the year 2011, they provide a safe and swift option for on-road vehicle issues, within Bangalore. 

They are set to reach the spot within 30 minutes to assist with Flat tires, Towing, emergency fuel delivery, Key recovery, Jump-start, and many more. Best of all, they are available 24/7. 

The drawback that they carry is that they are yet to provide service over application. People must visit their website to book services. 

They charge for inspection/attendance/diagnosis even if the problem is not fixable on the spot or if it doesn’t need any assistance.


If we have to point out one of the most popular roadside assistance within Bangalore, it has to be Pitstop. It was started in the year 2015 and has a whopping 4.7-star review on Playstore. Pitstop brings the garage right to your home with upfront pricing. They promise to deliver service within 30 minutes. 

Their credibility, at service, is high as the brand which they work with include Bosch, Shell, Brembo, TVs, Hi-Q, Hella, etc.

Their car services and repair include Denting and painting, Periodic Services, Brake, clutches and suspension, and Body Repair. 

The best thing is that they provide transparency with the service. You can get pictures of the process. 

However, a few customers have taken it to the review section that they have experienced unprofessional and incomplete services. A couple of them are unhappy with the MAJOR CAR services.

Ready assist

On the lookout for 24/7 on-spot breakdown support and towing service? Then you must check out ReadyAssist. 

Their services include On spot Flat Tyre Fixing for Tube & Tubeless puncture, spare tyre change, stepney change, battery jumpstart, clutch cable replacements, acceleratory cable replacements, spark plug replacement, on-spot minor repairs, emergency fuel delivery, bike flatbed towing, car flatbed towing, car safe-lift towing and car chain-lift towing. 

What’s more, is that they offer on-demand and subscription models to provide services across any nook and corner of India. Recently, it started offering roadside assistance services to electric vehicles in Bengaluru. 

The Bengaluru-based startup is present in eight cities, with Bengaluru having its largest customer base, followed by Hyderabad. It has also expanded to other non-metros in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh like Shivamogga, Mysore, Hubli-Dharwad, Manipal, and Vijayawada.


If you demand to have timely, hassle-free, road-worthy quick repair and assistance 24/7, then S.O.S KRU is what you need. 

S.O.S KRU (Service On-Site KRU) is a mobile app registered under Surummanda Solutions Private Limited based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. It is a unique combination of Pay as You-Go and Subscription – based app for all classes of personal and company-owned 2 and 4-wheeler vehicles which provides complete automotive maintenance and Roadside assistance. 

The best part is that their 24/7 customer service is available throughout the year, which makes it even more reliable. 

You can expect professional technicians at your doorsteps to provide service and repairs along with emergency roadside assistance for breakdowns under 60 minutes, only with service on site.


Understanding how difficult it would get for people who get stuck with a broken vehicle on abandoned roads and highways, the Towingwala from Bangalore has come up with a 24 hours towing service. 

They are available over phone calls, where you can book their service. Even though the company started in 2018, it has not gained much popularity. But now you know whom to call when you have some major issues with your vehicle and need assistance at a local garage in Bangalore. 

These were the Top 10 Roadside Assistance, in India, from our list. 

Friends, before you consider getting the subscription plans or plan on using services from the above-listed companies, we suggest you to consider reading their Google Reviews and Play store reviews for a better experience. Of course, each of their customers would have had a different experience. 

But we hope you have the best one!

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