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What to Do When Your Car Battery Dies?

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“Jumpstart – Revive Your Car Battery It isn’t a surprise if your car suffers to start in the morning during cold winter and/or when you haven’t started it for a long time. The battery can freeze and might not start even after several attempts. So, what has to be done in such situations? First of all, do not freak out. There is always a better way of dealing with things. For example, read on, you just might find a quick solution that’ll get your car battery running in no time.

What Causes a Car Battery To Die Quickly?

Abuse of headlights and interior lights

The most common mistake we do is when we leave the headlights, interior lights or radio running for prolonged periods while the car is stationary. Car not used for a considerable period- – If the car hasn’t been used for a long time, the battery will die as it won’t get charged by the engine. Malfunctioning of the Alternator- – The failure of the diode bridge or voltage regulator in the alternator. Alternators are responsible for charging the battery while the car is running so if it is malfunctioning, the battery will die.

Car Battery Dead Signs

It isn’t always the battery that alerts you about the upcoming flat battery, look out for signs like, Trouble starting the car- You might notice that the engine cranks more slowly than usual while starting the car and seems to take a long time to get going. Loss of electric power in the interiors- Your car battery doesn’t just power the engine – it powers other types of equipment like your radio, electric windows, and heaters, as well.

When these stop functioning as usual then it’s a sign that your battery is on its way out. Lights off

Without sufficient battery power, your headlights, as well as interiors, might stop working, completely. It is wise to first understand what causes the car battery to die and have heads up for such practices. What to do when the car battery dies? If it is an old or faulty battery then you will have to replace it. This procedure can be carried out at home by you with the right tools, but the quickest and safest option is to get a trained mechanic to do the magic. Parallel to this, if your battery has been drained because you accidentally left a light on or the radio, then you can Jump-start your car.

Note- You must examine the car battery beforehand. If you see that the battery is cracked and is leaking acid then DO NOT ATTEMPT to JUMP START the car as you will be putting yourself and the car in danger.

How to perform Jump-Start for your car battery?

If the situation is as such that you are unable to get a hold of a mechanic and the garage seems to be kilometers away, then you can perform Jump-Start on your battery. However, you will need the assistance of another car and person, along with the necessary tools. Before planning on doing Jump start, one must check the presence of the required tools- Jumper Cables with Alligator clips and a running car battery.

Jump start A Car Battery Remember, you need to be extremely careful while carrying out the following steps as you’re dealing with high voltages.

  • Park the car with the dead battery nose-to-nose or parallel to the rescue car and open the bonnet of each vehicle.
  • Take the red positive jump lead, and connect one end to the positive terminal on the dead battery and the other end to the positive node on the live battery of the rescue car.
  • Do the same using the black cable, attaching each end to the negative nodes.
  • Start the engine of the rescue car and allow it to run for roughly 10 minutes.

This will charge the dead battery of the car. While the rescue car is still running, attempt to start the car. If it won’t ignite, leave the car for a few more minutes and try again. If this does not yield results in 30 minutes, there will likely be another problem preventing your car from starting. If the battery cells are feeble, then the jump start may not work.

In such situations, it is better to recharge the battery for 10-12 hours.

Who to call when car batteries die?

The DIY (Do It Yourself) does work all the time. We might be out of equipment or the required skill to perform Jumpstart. The easiest way to get your car running again is to get the help of a professional mechanic. The technician will take the safety measure before starting to give Jumpstart. They will first check the clusters for any alters. He will then analyze the battery voltage of the car battery, to understand how much support it needs. Only after completing such crucial steps, do they jumpstart the vehicle carefully.”  

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