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Minor Repairs / Start Up issues

Doorstep Minor Repairs in Bangalore for Car & Bike

1. Mechanical & Electrical Issues – 

On-demand services for mechanical and electrical issues pertaining to wiring, indicators, and head & brake lights that lead to breakdown or starting issues will be handled by experts. 

2. Airlocks – 

We help deal with Airlocks caused due to overheating or a dysfunctional heater.  

3. Spark plugs – 

We support issues with Spark plugs that could potentially damage your engines 

4. Brake issues – 

Brake wire issues and problems with brake pads are also repaired as a part of our services. 

5. Battery Issues – 

All kinds of battery and fuse issues are addressed by our experts. 

Other micro services : 

Fuel tappet problems, Chain link and throttle issues as a result of poor and low idling are handled at Aair

Clutch cable replacement, Wheel & Cable problems pertaining to your four-wheelers and two-wheelers are fixed as a part of our Minor services. 

Our Minor Services Plans


Rs. 500